The ParaFishControl consortium gathers 29 partners comprising public and private partners with crosscutting complementary skills from 13 European countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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CONTACT PERSON: Dr. Panos Christofilogiannis
TELEPHONE: +30 210 7470147

AQUARK was established 10 years ago and is a leading applied research and consultancy firm in health management in specializing as technology and innovation amplifier in European Aquaculture. Its mission is to consult, innovate, foresee, network, communicate, train, research, advocate, conserve and inspire in the field of aquaculture as well as the protection and sustainability of global aquatic resources.

AQUARK has been involved in several research and development projects in close collaboration with the research community and the fish farming industry at federation and farm level bringing the gap facilitating smooth technology transfer. Being closely associated with the fish farmers associations in the main producing countries namely Greece, Turkey and Spain, AQUARK has the capacity the network and the expertise to read the pulse of the Mediterranean aquaculture industry and readily transfer research needs to the research community in order to develop research protocols and formulate applied solutions for the industry. It has also been the best ambassador of new effective applied techniques, technologies, services and products from the supply industry to the fish farming community across the region.

AQUARK has been involved in new vaccine development through applied epidemiological and diseases impact studies, field isolate screening, dossier development for safety and efficacy trials, expert advice and follow up during the testing, field application of potential new vaccines as well as sampling to monitor efficacy and record field data for final evaluation and expert report writing.

Role in the project:

WP8 leader focused on the development and implementation of the dissemination strategy to ensure seamless innovation and technology transfer to industrial pharmaceutical and fish farming stakeholders.

AQUARK will also assist in the epidemiological analysis of specific parasites and the field testing of solutions and strategies relevant to the Mediterranean mariculture industry. AQUARK will act as Industry Forum leader (WP8).

Key persons involved:


Dr. Panos Christofilogiannis, DVM, MSc, MSc, PhD. Dr. Panos is a fish health expert with deep knowledge and 20 years of experience on applied research and technology transfer in European aquaculture industry.


Joanna Tavla, MSc, with a BSc in Mathematics and a MSc in Operational Research University of Southampton, UK. Has 15 years of experience in operational research and statistical analysis in the field of aquaculture mainly in the epidemiology and fish health management.


Network of affiliated fish biologists and pathologists. AQUARK has an established network of collaborating fish veterinarians and fish biologists and fish farm managers experienced on fish health management techniques as well as experts on effective lab trial delivery in Mediterranean region that draws upon request creating customized task forces to resolve industry issues.



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