Work Packages

Work Packages

ParaFishControl is organized into seven research Work Packages (WPs), one dissemination and technology transfer WP and a management WP. All WPs are cross-cutting and the research WPs integrate several fish host species and their relevant parasites.

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Work Package 1 - Host-parasite interactions

Work Package 1 - Host-parasite interactions

WP1 Lead partner: Wageningen University (WU) 
WP1 Coordinator: Geert Wiegertjes
Contact details:

• Establish and/or characterise parasite infections of fish by developing in vitro culture systems, experimental in vivo infections, and exploiting on-farm exposure. 
• Characterise features of fish parasites transcriptomes proteomes e.g. protease activity.
• Characterise immunogenomic profiles of fish hosts infected with parasites.

Work Package 2 - Wild farmed fish parasite transfer

Work Package 2 - Wild farmed fish parasite transfer

WP2 Lead partner: Institute of Oceanography & Fisheries (IOR) 
WP2 Coordinator: Dr. Ivona Mladineo
Contact details:

• Characterise transfer of S. chrysophrii and C. oestroides between wild sparids and cultured fish using restriction-site associated DNA (RAD) library sequencing to map natural or induced genetic variations or single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) reflecting genetic variations in the population. 
• Characterise transfer of S. parasitica from infected salmonid farms to aquatic organisms in the wild and vice-versa using molecular tools.
• Apply previously developed baseline epidemiological models to characterise I. multifiliis transfers between wild fish and farms and their reciprocal impact using     epidemiological tools (interviews, host range studies, parasite survival data, assessment of experiments using technical devices for isolating fish farms, risk data) in order to develop recommendations for effective management.

Work Package 3 - Development of new prophylactic measures for integrated pest management

WP3 Lead partner: University of Stirling (UoS) 
WP3 Coordinator: Prof. James Bron
Contact details:

• Identify vaccine candidates and associated resources for controlling protistan and myxozoan parasites of European farmed fish. 
• Identify new in-feed immuno-stimulants which are effective against protistan and myxozoan parasites of European farmed fish.

Work Package 4 - Diagnostic tools and methods

WP4 Lead partner: Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC) 
WP4 Coordinator: Dr. Oswaldo Palenzuela
Contact details:

• Develop, evaluate and validate reference diagnostic methods for selected relevant parasitic diseases (E. nucelophila, P. perurans and T. bryosalmonae).
• Develop point-of-care quick diagnostic tests (Enteromyxum spp., E. nucleophila and P. perurans infection assessment).
• Design diagnostic tools, markers and tests for quantitative identification and discrimination of parasite genotypes and phenotypes presenting potentially different management and risk assessment implications, in fish and in the environment (Saprolegnia spp., P. dicentrarchi, T. kitauei and S. molnari).
• Develop a diagnostic workflow for detection and identification of zoonotic (Opisthorchioidea metacercariae) in fish or fish products.
• Generate an updated data source of methods and protocols for diagnosis of relevant parasitic diseases in European fish aquaculture.

Work Package 5 - Innovative treatments

WP5 Lead partner: Aarhus Universitet (AU) 
WP5 Coordinator: Dr. Niels Lorenzen
Contact details:

• Optimise use of cleanerfish/parasite predator fish. 
• Develop microbial control strategies.
• Develop physical treatment procedures for treatment of water and rearing units.

Work Package 6 - Risk analysis and parasite surveillance

WP6 Lead partner: The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (CEFAS) 
WP6 Coordinator: Dr. Birgit Oidtmann
Contact details:

• Identify risk factors for parasite introduction into and amplification within fish farms. 
• Develop biosecurity and integrated pest management strategies (IPMS).
• Assess the economic impact of parasite infections and evaluate the costs/ benefits of various prevention or control options.
• Identify future risks of parasite infections.
• Develop suggestions for high level solutions.
• Develop a Biobank for parasites of farmed fish and their associated metadata.

Work Package 7 - Fish Product Safety

WP7 Lead partner: Fundacion AZTI (AZTI) 
WP7 Coordinator: Dr. Miguel Angel Pardo
Contact details:

• Ensure the quality and safety of aquaculture products by tackling the presence of food-borne parasites in aquaculture products in the EU. 
• Underpin competitiveness of EU aquaculture producers by means of enforcing good practices to obtain safe and high-quality seafood products.

Work Package 8 - Dissemination, Technology Transfer and Take-up

WP8 Lead partner: AquaTT UETP Ltd (AQUATT) 
WP8 Coordinator: Marieke Reuver
Contact details:

• Promote the project and its activities and results employing a range of communication and dissemination tools. 
• Carry out effective scientific dissemination of the results.
• Ensure suitable intellectual property management strategies to enable effective knowledge transfer and innovation.
• Create and manage an Industry Forum to ensure there is effective Knowledge Exchange with key end-users of the project, to enrich the project implementation and to ensure a channel for efficient transfer of outputs to end-users.

Work Package 9 - Coordination and Management

WP9 Lead partner: Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC) 
WP9 Coordinator: Dr. Ariadna Sitjà-Bobadilla
Contact details:

• To steer the project to address all unexpected situations, be these scientific, technological, environmental or societal. 
• To ensure that the project progresses in conformity with the work plan with regard to overall progress, milestones, deliverables, and planned resources.
• To optimise the infrastructural setup to support the project, with special attention paid to financial, logistics, information, coordination issues and in terms of quality and conformity to EC rules and procedures.


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