ParaFishControl Expert consultation on Mediterranean fish parasites

We would like to thank all the Mediterranean Aquaculture industry experts that participated in the ParaFishControl Project Expert consultation on Mediterranean fish parasites in Residència d'Investigadors, Hospital, 64 Barcelona on the 10th - 11th November 2016 for a very interactive, open and productive meeting!     

ParaFishControl Parasite Experts prepared the Literature reviews. CEFAS with CSIC, AQUARK and Parasite Leaders developed questionnaires on disease characteristics, incidence and prevalence, impact of farm characteristics and environmental factors, pathways for parasite introduction, impact of management practices, treatment strategies and mixed infections. Mediterranean Experts were invited and filled the questionnaires and after CEFAS analysed the responses industry experts were invited to review the results and discuss each parasite profile in the expert consultation meeting.

ParaFishControl partners along with Mediterranean industry fish pathologists discussed the impact of four of the most important parasites in the Mediterraenan mariculture industry.

  • Sparicotyle chrysophrii (Gilthead Seabream)  
  • Enteromyxum leei (Gilthead Seabream)
    • Ceratothoa oestroides (European seabass)
    • Amyloodinium ocellatum (European seabass)

We had a great opportunity to exchange information and discuss the ParaFishControl questionnaire in order to put together different pieces of the puzzle to improve our understanding of the parasites and their impact to the industry.

The meeting was organized by Ariadna Sitjà-Bobadilla (CSIC) – PARAFISHCONTROL Coordinator and Panos Christofilogiannis (AQUARK) – ParaFishControl Industry Forum Leader with the contribution and participation of the following experts: Birgit Oidtmann (CEFAS), Oswaldo Palenzuela (CSIC), Ivona Mladineo (IZOR), Marialetizia Fioravanti (Un. BOLOGNA), Paola Beraldo (Un. UDINE), Albert Girons (ICTIOVET), Elena Planas Callao (BIOMAR), Foteini Athanasopoulou (Un. THESSALY), Anastasia Dourala (SELONDA Group), Carlos Zarza (ARC SKRETTING), Francesc Padros (Un. AUTONOMA BARCELONA), Kantham Papanna (NIREUS Group), Meritxell Diez (Grupo CULMAREX), Ioannis Petropoulos (ANDROMEDA Group), Georgios Spiliopoulos (ANDROMEDA Group), Alastair Cook (CEFAS), Panos Varvarigos (VETCARE), Maria Mercè Isern I Subich (NUTRIAD International) and Daniel Gijón (SKRETTING SPAIN)

We all expressed our will to continue this active collaboration throughout the ParaFishControl project where we plan to interact with all the stakeholders through epidemiological studies, fish farm visits, economic impact assessment to finally develop guidelines for integrated pest management practices to better manage parasitic diseases in Mediterranean mariculture.  
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