Successful ParaFishControl Industry Forum to Improve the Management of Parasitic Diseases in Mediterranean Aquaculture

ParaFishControl organised the Industry Forum “Mediterranean Fish Parasite Management Strategies” on the 10th September 2019 at the 19th International Conference on Diseases of Fish and Shellfish that took place in Porto, Portugal, from 9 to 12 September 2019. The industry forum was attended by 59 aquaculture experts coming from industry, research institutions and policy, interested in learning more on how to better control parasitic diseases in Mediterranean aquaculture farms. The event focused on the parasites which have been most damaging to Mediterranean farmed species populations - Amyloodinium ocellatum, Ceratothoa oestroides, Enteromyxum leei, Enteromyxum scophthalmi, Enterospora nucleophila, Philasterides dicentrarchi, and Sparicotyle chrysophrii.

During the industry forum, Alain Le Breton from Vet’au provided an overview of the most prevalent issues related to parasitic diseases in Mediterranean aquaculture farms. ParaFishControl partners presented the new tools and techniques developed within the project to diagnose, prevent and treat these diseases. The event ended with an open discussion with the participants to determine how these solutions could be implemented at farm level. The industry forum provided the attendees with new knowledge to better manage their farms, and greatly reduce population loss in a cost-effective way.


Ariadna Sitjà-Bobadilla providing and overview of the

ParaFishControl project results

 Open discussion with the Industry Forum participants

The Agenda and the Industry Forum presentations are available to download below:


Setting the scene

ParaFishControl Project and Expected Results - Dr Ariadna Sitjà-Bobadilla, ParaFishControl Project Coordinator, IATS-CSIC

Economic Impact of Parasitic Diseases in Mediterranean Mariculture - Dr Alain Le Breton, Vet’au

Session 1 - Diagnostics

Towards an improved image of Mediterranean aquaculture products regarding food safety - Dr Andrea Gustinelli, University of Bologna

New tools for diagnosis of Enterospora nucleophila - Dr Oswaldo Palenzuela, CSIC

Session 2 - Prevention

Vaccine for Amyloodinium ocellatum - Dr Paola Beraldo, University of Udine

Vaccines for Philasterides dicentrarchi - Dr Jesús Lamas, University of Santiago de Compostela, presented by Dr Ariadna Sitjà-Bobadilla, IATS-CSIC

Economic model for risk factors in Mediterranean farms - Dr Alastair Cook, CEFAS, presented by Dr Ariadna Sitjà-Bobadilla, IATS-CSIC

Session 3 - Alternative Treatments

New treatments against sparicotylosis - Dr Ivona Mladineo, IZOR

Alternative treatments for Ceratothoa oestroides - Dr Ivona Mladineo, IZOR

Alternative treatments for Amyloodinium ocellatum - Dr Michela Massimo, University of Udine