ParaFishControl demonstrates the effectivity of feed additives against enteromyxosis in gilthead sea bream

Enteromyxosis in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) is an infection caused by Enteromyxum leei. It produces anorexia, weight loss, severe epaxial muscle atrophy and, eventually, death. The main economic impact of infection on gilthead sea bream aquaculture arises from arrested growth and difficulties in reaching commercial size. Epizootic outbreaks can also occur under some conditions. The lack of effective anti-parasitic therapies in Mediterranean aquaculture has stimulated the search for natural feed additives, which can be incorporated into functional feeds, aiming to minimise the impact of parasitic outbreaks on productivity.

Enteromyxum leei (Photo: Ariadna Sitjà-Bobadilla)

ParaFishControl researchers have studied the effect of a commercially available health-promoting feed additive, (SANACORE® GM) at two different doses in a laboratory-controlled population challenged with E. leei. The experiment showed that supplemented diets mitigated the anorexia and growth arrestment in the hosts, and that this mitigation was maximised in the highest dose group. Treated groups also presented lower prevalence of infection and a lower parasite load. Although the decrease in parasite levels was similar with both doses of additive tested, the pathogeny of the infection was mostly suppressed with the higher dose, while only mitigated with the lower dose.

This study shows that supplemented diets can be used as an alternative treatment to suppress the pathogenicity of E. leei.

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