The ParaFishControl consortium gathers 29 partners comprising public and private partners with crosscutting complementary skills from 13 European countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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CONTACT PERSON: Dr. Jesús Lamas Fernández

The USC offers master degrees in Marine Biology and Aquaculture and PhD programs in Marine Science and in Innovation in Security and Food Technology. 27 (of 330) groups are involved in research related to Marine Resources, Aquaculture and Food Technology. The USC group has experience in parasitology, fish immunology, vaccinology and immunostimulants.

Role in the project:

The USC group (leader for Philasterides dicentrarchi) will participate in:

- WP1 with searching for P. dicentrarchi virulence factors and turbot immune response;

- WP3 with evaluating the effects of physical treatments on parasite levels in water, vaccine development; strains and antigen characterization, and generation of new    adjuvants;

- WP4 with developing methods to diagnose scuticociliatosis outbreaks at species and strain levels;

- WP5 with developing new treatments;

- WP6 with determining the risk of scuticociliatosis based on the presence of ciliates in water.

Key persons involved:

JLamas  Dr. Jesús Lamas Fernández has 25 years of research experience in fish immunology,pathology, immunostimulants and on the fish parasite P. dicentrarchi. He has co-authored over 70 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals and has lead and participated in many national funded research projects and in the supervision of many MSc and PhD students. 
Prof. José Manuel Leiro Vidal has over 25 years of experience in immunoparasitology, biology and control of major parasitic diseases that affect turbot culture. He has published about 160 scientific articles, has lead and participated in many national funded research projects and supervised 16 doctoral theses.
MGudris  Dr. Manuel Noia Guldris has over 20 years of research experience in fish histology, histopathology, immunology and fish parasitology. He has published 30 scientific articles and has participated in several national funded research projects.
AAlvarez  Dr. Asteria Luzardo Álvarez has 15 years of experience in developing drug and antigen delivery systems. She has published over 25 scientific articles on microencapsulated vaccines with application in aquaculture among other research topics.




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